Save a local business

Your favourite Midlands food and beverage hangout may close forever.

But you have an opportunity to prevent this.
Buy a redeemable voucher to “flatten the curve” of income loss due to COVID-19.

Our community duty

Our small businesses need our support more than ever. Even though we aren’t able to leave our homes, we can offer our community restaurants, coffee shops and food services our support by buying vouchers. It’s basically a mini-loan, so buy a voucher now and make a plan to use it later.

Imagine going for your morning run and not being able to have a cup of coffee with your friends afterwards. Or having a busy sporting day and not being able to take your family out to share a meal in celebration.

By supporting these businesses, you are not only helping keep them open, but you are supporting a way of life.

21 days can close a business

Restaurants have loads of fixed costs: rent, labour, loan repayments, insurance, supplies, repairs – the list goes on. Even successful restaurants have slim margins of 3-5%, and a third have struggled to pay employees at least once. The enforced isolation will keep regular customers at home, which could tip the balance into bankruptcy.

Help keep your favourite hangout alive. Support them by purchasing a voucher which you can later redeem.

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