Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant customers

What is PayItFoodward?

PayItFoodward is a directory of Midlands area restaurants, coffee shops and food services that offer online vouchers for purchase. It’s our hope that by providing this resource, we’ll be able to mobilise loyal customers to provide much-needed support for their favourite places in town. We also link to staff donation sites, if they are available.

Are we legitimate?

Yes, absolutely. Please find a letter from Dave Prentice, the independent Chartered Accountant engaged with this service, regarding PayitFoodwards legitimacy.

Why isn’t my Favourite business on your website?

Please help us add your fave Midlands area food & beverages spots here. We’re open to adding more small business categories if this catches on.

How else can I support my local business aside from buying a voucher?

Delivery and pickup are great options! Some restaurants that don’t normally offer delivery have started to offer curbside pickup, and others have closed temporarily. Check their website or social media for the latest info.  Tip generously if you can (even for delivery/pickup), since employees are doing extra work and putting their health at risk. 

Is this just for the Midlands area? Can you do this for my city as well?

As Midlands community members, we started this project for our community. Over the past days, people have launched similar tools for their specific cities, or even nationally. Check out Saveourfavs, Help Main Street, GiveLocal, and Rally for Restaurants.

Who built this? And why?

We’re Temple — a local digital marketing agency. We’re no longer going out because of COVID-19 (South Africa is under a “lockdown” ordinance), so we wanted to support our favourite cafes and restaurants during this unpredictable time. PayItFoodward is our simple way to make it easier for people to help local businesses through this difficult time. 

What happens if the Business closes and I can’t redeem my voucher?

This is inherently the risk that is taken in purchasing a voucher during Lockdown. The economic pressure that these establishments are under has been increased, and there is a risk that they may not reopen. Sadly, the bearer of the voucher will then assume the loss of the value of the voucher.

Business owners

Why isn’t my business showing up in your search results?

Please help us add your Midlands area food/beverage business here. We’re open to adding more small business categories if this catches on.

Costs involved

We use Payfast to handle the transactions. Their fees are currently 3.5% +R2 in addition per transaction. Temple has not taken any funds from this and will continue to manage this as a platform free of charge to support the local community.

How can I encourage customers to buy vouchers?

People are looking for ways they can support their favourite businesses, so don’t be afraid to let them know that vouchers will help. Reach out to your community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and use your email list to get in touch with your customers. Ask them to consider buying a voucher for one month of spending to help you weather the lockdown and keep paying staff so that you can continue offering great food/coffee/etc. for years to come.